Our Rooms

Our well equipped facilities will create a stimulating environment where children can feel safe and learn through their play.

Our Stimulating Environments

Early learning is the foundation for your child’s education and development. Our environments provides opportunities for choices, planning and problem solving.

0 - 2 years

Earth | Papatuanuku

Head Teacher : Chantelle Ewing

Physical, cognitive and social emotional growth and development are more rapid during infancy than in any other period of life.

Our earth room is a calm but stimulating environment. 

2 - 3.5 years

SEA | Tangaroa

Head Teacher : TBC

Toddlers are developing their identities as autonomous learners. They are active, curious and seeking to make sense of the world.

Our teachers support them by being attentive to their interests and provide opportunities for new and repeat learning experiences.

Our Tangaroa room offers a supportive environment needed for our children to  enjoy playful learning opportunities and to develop social skills.

3.5 - 6 Years

Sky | Ranginui

Head Teacher : Rose Redondo

Young children have increasing capacity for language and inquiry. Our teachers support the learning and developement of young children by providing opportunities for them to experience new challenges, pursue self-selected learning goals and participate in longer term projects.

Our Ranginui room is designed to encourage exploration, investigation and reflection in a way that allows each child to engage with their own areas of interest.

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